A Healthy Body to get a Successful Future

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Health is wealth and it doesn’t matter how decades pass this saying will certainly make the perfect true sense. Should you understand this fact and look after your quality of life in early age, it is usually very fruitful on your future a long time. A sound body not just helps your present life however your future too. With the changing trend and fast lifestyle, creating health awareness among youngsters has grown to be very essential. Most youngsters do not take on their own health seriously because at that age they are strong and still have more resistance towards any disease or ailments that creates them well informed.

In case you are young, you’re strong and active but and also the same forever. As they age, your strength and resistance slows and yes it could trigger various health conditions. To stop that, it is always recommended that you start handling your health when you’re still young, properly so you can be doing this even though you become old. It could be very easy to manage your wellbeing if you are dedicated and disciplined. All it will take that you do is eat well, get enough rest and play well.

The primary reasons why health fails and diseases control one’s body are a bad diet, lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, drugs and irregular eating and sleeping patterns. All leading to surge in the hazards on health which could turn bad because you become old. Most youngsters start improper habits of drinking, smoking and drugs given that they feel it enhances their personality to make them think they are part of the modern generation. But ask yourself, is putting your health at stake really represent modernization? It is just a wrong assumption most youngsters have and that is what has to be changed. Alcohol is acceptable for body of a human when consumed in small quantities but that is if you become adult. Stepping into such habits in teenage or earlier can pose various threats on health because your body is still not completely created to accept those changes.

Just keeping faraway from unhealthy habit will not stop you fit and healthy. Your body needs good food meaning fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, eggs etc instead of fries, pizzas, burgers that are high on fat and cholesterol. However, your body can still accept junk foods but anything in too much is poison. So with your routine diet, ensure that you avoid unhealthy food and snacks.

Along with good food you require to be active and that may be achieved with routine fitness and health training and exercises. The very least that you can do to keep your body fit is to use a thirty minute walk every day that gives your lungs fresh air as well as your body gets a good exercise. Sports and athletics are a great way to realize fitness. If you love some game, make sure you take action every day. It is responsibility of oldsters to produce proper health awareness among youngsters at homes and also cause them to become adopt healthy habits.


Lung Cancer Awareness

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The most deadly and dreadful cancer disease is the lung cancer with the highest rate of deaths in the world; thus conducting a lung cancer awareness campaign is of major help to the public. This is a nationally recognized event held annually in the month of November and experts and interested parties all come together to try and educate the public on the dangers of this disease and how to avoid it. During this month most people hold events and write articles, hold fundraises, hold walks and runs, purchase promotional goods and update statuses on face book. They also issue proclamations which are aimed in bringing awareness to the masses.

All these actions help bring the menace into the limelight. Several events are conducted almost in each and every country trying to curb this menace. Education procedures are held by the media and organizers of the awareness campaign. There is raising of funds also that are aimed in helping the cancer victims and also for propelling the project. T-shirts and ribbons are also sold to aid in these fund raisings during this month of November.

The campaign teams use white ribbons as a major symbol to mark the lung cancer awareness project. The public use them too to show their support for this noble course and this gives hope to the victims as well as reducing stigma. Stories about the disease are shared personally and in the media by surviving victims to encourage those who might be losing hope after they were diagnosed with the disease. There is support also from corporate organization which is aimed at purchasing maintenance stuff for the victims as well as medicine.

Lung cancer is considered to be a bit complicated since it cannot be diagnosed until it has fully matures. It also portrays various symptoms depending on where it is located and size of the tumor as well. It might take several years for the symptoms to be displayed; this time the cancer has reduced maturity stage.

Hence it becomes hard to contain the lung cancer cells after one has been diagnosed with the diasese. It is the awareness team mission to prevent this by encouraging people to try and live a lifestyle which is not likely to lead to lung cancer. This would include the excessive smoking of cigarettes and other drugs like bhang. It also clearly states that cancer is not a generic or a bad luck disease; it depends on how you lead your life. They also go ahead and provide measures to the victims and this help in controlling the growth of the disease and replication of the cancer cells.

The advocates have a major role in ensuring that each patient suffering from lung cancer can get proper access to treatment and the correct information that ensure they make their own decisions on the kind of treatment they will mostly prefer. Thus they will be seen visiting almost each and every hospital and health center to educate the patients and also encourage them during this entire cancer awareness period.